Ranco adapted the popular Multi-Blender volumetric blender to the golf course industry in 1986. The sandblender is a departure from the normal batching or top-dressing spreaders.  It is a volumetric unit that continuously blends the desired components. This method provides a consistent quality of blend from start to finish.

The blend can be altered to whatever composition that the customer requires. The blender bins are lined with UHMW and hardened auger sections are utilized for the sand bin and the blend auger.

The most common configuration is a three bin blender with two bins dispensing sand and one dispensing organic material. Also, the blender is usually trailer mounted with all electronic and power generation items included. Optional conveyor configurations are available as well.

  • UHMW lined bins
  • Double or triple 10” meter screws
  • Hard facing on all sand screws
  • 14” heavy flighted augers
  • Mulch beater bars
  • Load-out conveyor
  • Generator set