Community Involvement

Community service and involvement is one of the core values that Ranco holds

Many Ranco employees volunteer their time, energy, and resources to benefit the local community.  Ranco fully supports the efforts of the employees by both contributing to many causes, but also by encouraging employee participation.

The emphasis that Ranco puts on community involvement is not just words on a paper or website.  Ranco pays its employees their full wage if they miss work for community service or support.  Family is equally important, so Ranco insists that employees make it to their children’s ballgames and concerts, even it if means missing work time.

How Ranco employees are involved

  1. EMT Ambulance service, allows us to have 24/7 ambulance service
  2. Local fire departments including leadership positions
  3. School board members
  4. Area economic development committees and agencies
  5. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) adult sponsors
  6. Delivery of Meals-On-Wheels
  7. City council members
  8. Planning and zoning committee members
  9. Volunteerism committee members
  10. Church council members
  11. Sunday school teachers
  12. Local Lions club members

Ranco contributes to
and financially supports

  1. Local swimming pool and parks
  2. Area Awanas
  3. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) high school chapter
  4. SYC (Special Youth Challenge) hunting for disabled children
  5. Faith, Hope & Charity (home for children with disabilities)
  6. Local Lions club
  7. Donates the office space of one of our production buildings to the Sioux Central Daycare free of charge.

These are just a few of the many organizations and causes that Ranco supports

Ranco’s dedication to the Sioux Rapids community and surrounding communities is truly a unique and special thing.