Sales & Support

Ranco’s sales approach is distinctive from the competitors.

All U.S. sales are handled by Ranco personnel. We do not employ distributors in the States. Our focus is not to sell pieces of equipment, but to collaborate with the customer to design a proper system specifically for their operation. Unlike a distribution network that much of the industry chooses to utilize, the customer will be dealing with a Ranco equipment specialist/project manager who has an intricate working knowledge of our systems and equipment.

After purchasing a system from Ranco, the equipment specialist/project manager will not pass the job on to someone else, but becomes the ongoing main contact. However, once there is commitment to the project by the customer, all necessary Ranco department experts get involved and begin the process to provide a complete and accurate system. They continue to be intricately involved through to the satisfactory completion of the project. The sales person/project manager at Ranco also takes most of the parts calls as well, meaning Ranco’s sales team will be there for even after the sale.

The Ranco specialist will sit down with the drafting department and engineers to ensure that all needs will be met.  Each project is drawn in AutoCAD with collaboration between the project manager, draftsman, and the customer.

As is apparent, a Ranco sales person is really a trained:  Sales Person, System Designer, Project Manager, and Parts Manager.

International Sales

Ranco utilizes a few handpicked distributors outside of the United States.  We only partner with distributors we trust – who have proven that they have a high degree of product knowledge and ethical business history.  Many international areas are handled directly by Ranco’s home office staff as well.