United States Sales Contacts

Bruce Groen

Phone(712) 283-2525
  • Working with customers and prospective customers to identify the best solution for the situation. All systems are different and must be approached with that mindset.
  • I love the challenge sales presents, and providing solutions for customers’ problems.
  • B.A. in business and communications.
  • Over 20 years in sales
  • Traveling
  • Spending time with my adult children
  • Reading

Men of genius are admired. Men of wealth are envied. Men of power are feared, but only men of character are trusted.

– Arthur Friedman

Jim Heschke

Phone(712) 283-2525
  • Ability to ask questions and listen for the true customer needs. Then, develop solutions for current and future business.
  • Degree in marketing and management
  • 21 years of retail experience, started with Ranco in 2003
  • Good mechanical understanding with a can-do attitude
  • Family
  • Outside and yard projects
  • Travel

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

– Albert Einstein

Bruce Hinkeldey

  • Plant and equipment layout
  • Impregnation systems
  • Ranco blender operation – since 2002
  • Certified Crop Advisor – 1997-2003
  • 15 years in ag retail – fertilizer, seed, chemicals
  • Western agriculture
  • Travel

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

– Oscar Wilde

Brian Josephson

  • Systems design and problem solving
  • Control Systems and automation
  • Equipment troubleshooting and repair
  • A.A.S. Application and Web Programming
  • 35 years on the farm
  • Agriculture and antique tractors
  • Rock climbing and kayaking
  • Hobby robotics and electronics
  • Home improvement and renovation


The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. -Walt Disney

Dave Plagman

  • Grew up and still work on family farm
  • 26 years in Operations Management has taught me the importance of having great people on the team, maximizing uptime through preventative maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Enjoy the customer service aspect of this job and helping the customer with solutions that impact their success
  • Creating unique solutions to difficult problems
  • US Navy
  • Associates of Applied Science – Iowa Lakes Community College
  • Camping with friends and family
  • Golfing
  • Spending time on our family farm
  • Traveling with my wife and kids
  • Riding ATVs and snowmobiles

A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. - Walter Bagehot

Adam Spooner

  • 14 years of management, continuous improvement and scheduling in egg processing has given me the skills to lead multi-faceted projects, identify inefficiencies and improve upon them with the understanding of the importance of keeping projects moving forward to provide on-time delivery
  • My greatest pleasure is working with customers on their needs and delivering solutions that goes above and beyond their expectations.


  • I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Iowa in History/Education with coaching certificate
  • My educational and coaching background has helped me become a well-rounded person that can problem solve within multiple circumstances and understand the importance of working in a team atmosphere to leverage all assets to accomplish common goals
  • Golfing and boating with friends and family
  • Traveling with friends and family
  • History and culture

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. - Michael Altshuler

Nate Wittmaack

Phone(712) 283-2525

I’ve been in the dry fertilizer and material handling/blending industry since 2009.  I have made it my goal to learn everything I can about the business, equipment, and our customers.  Prior to Ranco, I worked at Target Corporation on the Distribution side.  I was a shift supervisor and also had significant responsibilities in inventory management.  At both Target and Ranco, I’ve had the privilege of working with some very talented and effective people.  My focus has always been to prepare myself for success by learning everything I can, and thankfully I have had the opportunity to put these lessons to work here at Ranco.

I have a mechanical and farm background.  I grew up on a farm in Northwest Iowa.

  • I have degrees in Economics and in Business Administration from the University of Northern Iowa.  My educational experience helped emphasize a well-rounded approach to problem solving and asking the right questions.  I have always been one to ask “why?”.  In a lot of cases, this urge to ask “why?” is a great asset when we are working to provide a solution for a customer.

I have spent a lot of time working on our home over the years, with several renovation projects.  I enjoy watching sports, particularly NFL and college basketball.  Iowa State Cyclones basketball is my favorite specific team.  Shooting is a passion of mine, though I never seem to make enough time for it.

I love spending time with my family and helping coach my kids’ ball teams.

It is tough to beat sitting around a campfire with a bunch of friends and family, slowing down and enjoying the company of loved ones.

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

– Yogi Berra