Tube Augers

Ranco utilizes tube augers most often on an incline. Many of our tube augers are engineered with a feeder screw section that is less than full pitch flighting. This allows the auger to self regulate without over filling.

Tube augers are useful when relatively low volumes need to be moved a short distance and are often called a ‘jump-auger’.  Stainless steel tubes are normally used but some units use fiberglass tubes.

Ranco tube augers are almost exclusively driven from the discharge end, a superior drive system to a line shaft or tail drive system. Most of the time we use gear reducers to reduce maintenance, maximize efficiencies and increase reliability.

Often, we utilize tube augers as short ‘jump augers’ to allow an add-on to an existing blender. This method has allowed customers to add to their system where they never thought possible before.

  • Transportable versions are available
  • They work well for relatively low volumes at an incline
  • Units are sealed from the elements
  • Stainless steel tube and auger are common but fiberglass tubes are available
  • Most use a Dodge gear reducer
  • Nearly all augers are designed for your specific situation