What does MeshDCS stand for?

It stand for Mesh Distributed Controls System.

What is MeshDCS?

The new system is based on a “Mesh Network” concept. In this “Mesh Network,” each blender bin connects directly to, and cooperates with as many other blender bins as possible to effectively deliver all of the necessary information to and from the gateway.



MeshDCS Technology is a brand new control system for the legendry Ranco Declining Weigh (DW) dry fertilizer blending system. Each piece of a DW Blend system actively communicates with each other. This shared communication creates a “Mesh Network” that ties the entire system together using industrial wireless technology. This same technology is utilized in railway applications as well as high importance grain pile monitoring systems.

The unparalleled accuracy of the Ranco DW Blend system has been carried forward in this MeshDCS system. All of the reliability and accuracy that has been leading the way since Ranco first introduced the DW Blend System to the industry nearly 20 years ago.

Advantages of the MeshDCS system include:

  • Significant saves on in-plant wiring
    • The only requirement is that each bin gets power. All other signal communications take place over the MeshDCS network. (Wired data cable can be installed as a redundant option if desired).
  • System troubleshooting can be done remotely
  • Control the system from any computer that is on the same network as the MeshDCS system, or, plug the computer into the gateway for direct control
  • Control the system remotely from a tablet or laptop
  • Full system/bin diagnostics available to use or to Ranco for troubleshooting
  • Configurable – Allows control of conveying and material handling equipment as needed.
  • HMI or third party automation/integration still available.
  • Easily expandable in the future – each blender bin is pre-wired and ready to add to your system
  • System is much easier and more economical to move than previous generations – upgrade your blending capabilities now and build a new plant later. Bring the MeshDCS DW Blend System with you to the new facility!
MeshDCS System
DW Blender Bins
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