Volumetric Blenders

The Ranco Multi-Blender is a departure from the normal batch and tumble mixers. The Multi-Blender is a volumetric unit, which continuously blends the desired products.  One of the major advantages of this blender is the speed in which a truckload can be blended. Another advantage to this type of system is the quality of blend even when adding small amounts of product. This is achieved because every product is continuously metered into a common blend auger, which means it’s evenly distributed throughout the entire blend.

The latest improvement is the digital LED control panel.  This panel allows the operator to index the total pounds of each product required in the blend.  Dial settings are no longer used.  The auger speeds and time settings are automatically calculated.  The digital panel is computer interface compatible, which means the entire blend system can be controlled by a PC from a nearby office.

Micronutrients are easily added to any blend by the use of additive bins.  These units accurately meter the product and distribute it throughout the entire blend.

  • Mild steel or stainless steel construction
  • Fiberglass hoppers
  • High speed continuous flow blending – no batching
  • Variable speed DC motors for precision blending
  • Low horsepower requiements
  • 100% end loader efficiency
  • Expandable – can add bins for additional products
  • Optional computer control
Volumetric Blender
Volumetric Blender