Rack and Pinion Gates

All Ranco rack and pinion gates are built standard of 304 stainless steel.  Both the spur gear and the rack are stainless steel as well.  Ranco also utilizes UHMW strips to sandwich the slide plate.  This eliminates the more common rollers that inevitably rust and cease up.

Several sizes are available including 12”, 14”, 16” and 18” square gates.  These square gates are primarily used at the bottom of a holding bin or tank.  Often times, on our overhead weigh tanks, we fit our 18” gate to the discharge and can fill a semi-trailer in less than 1 minute 40 seconds.

A dribble feed system can be installed to our discharge gates as well.  This will allow the scale operator to choose a desired weight to discharge from the overhead weigh tank and the gate will automatically regulate that amount.  This is especially useful for multi-hopper trucks and tenders.

Two sizes of rectangular gates are available, 17” x 26 ½” and 20” x 32” that bolt directly to the discharge flanges of our U-trough augers.  These are often utilized on over-bin or over-tank augers.

We have begun manufacturing our own curved rack and pinion gates that simulate the trough of our U-trough augers.  The curved gate reduces the amount of product that collects in each dump along an auger.

All of our rack and pinion gates are available in manual or electric operation.

Curved Rack & Pinion Gates
Square Rack & Pinion Gates