Ranco carries a full line of stainless steel and mild steel tube spouting from 8” to 20”.  We also manufacture our own ring flanges, clamp bands, and adjustable elbows.  Most of our spouting is 12-gauge steel.  We also offer fiberglass spouting if desired.

Ranco also sells two and three way valves in all sizes. Manual or electric operation is available.

All of our spouting and valves are available with lining to increase wear time and product flow.

Some other spouting accessories that Ranco offers are:

  • Dead head spouts
  • Square to round transitions
  • Truss spout supports
  • Inspection doors
  • Lobster trap spout discharge screens


The Ranco Distributor is built for long life and easy maintenance. Every feature on the Ranco Distributor was designed specifically around fertilizer handling.

It’s compact and semi-conical design make it ideal for outside installations. Two large inspection doors are located 180° apart.  The internal spout is constructed of 10-gauge stainless steel and has an inspection door built into the top of the spout.  It has a positive locking mechanism that drops the internal spout into the outbound duct so it cannot spill material into adjoining outlets.

The internal chute has an external flat plate that sets against the floor of the distributor.  When the chute is locked into position it eliminates dust blowing or filtering back into the distributor body.

There is only one bend from inlet to outlet, which reduces the flow restriction.

The Ranco Distributor is only available with manual controls and three and four way versions.  It is available in 10”, 12” and 14” variations.

  • 10-gauge construction base, top, and inner chute
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Two large inspection doors, one on each side
  • No rollers to freeze up in the mechanism

Larger distributors are also available as well as electronically controlled distributors.

Retractable Downspout

Ranco’s retractable downspout directs material and dust to the truck or spreader without being disturbed by the wind. The downspout can be raised or lowered to accommodate any truck or trailer height. It can be raised and lowered with either a hand crank or electrically operated winch.

  • First section is 304 stainless steel
  • Fiberglass telescoping units
  • Spout sizes range from 10” to 18” diameter
Multi-tank bucket elevators
Retractable Downspout