Hanging Catwalk System

Large storage buildings are becoming more and more popular.  Ranco has a proven design to help with high capacity bulk storage projects.

Ranco’s hanging catwalk and conveyor system eliminates the need for bin walls or concrete poured pillars to support the conveyor system.  The hanger system is braced from overhead trusses of any type.  Systems can be installed in tension-membrane buildings, steel construction buildings, and glue-lam wood beam buildings.

The hanging catwalk and conveyor system is a perfect match for our high capacity roller conveyors, but any conveying equipment can be utilized.

Service platforms are available for the hanging catwalk and conveyor system to allow for easy maintenance of the conveyor head section.

This product is great for grain, bulk fertilizer, salt, or any other large storage facility.

Product features:

  • Heavy beam cross-member
  • Alkalide primer with polyurethane finish coat on mild steel
  • 24” wide walk surface
  • 5” tall toe boards
  • Full handrail opposite conveyor
  • Adjustable to level the conveyor
Hanging Catwalk System