Support Structures

Ranco fabricates its own heavy beam support structures, support towers, and catwalk trusses. All of Ranco’s structures are overbuilt to ensure long life and worry free use. All of our structures are built out of mild steel that has been primed with an alkyd primer and painted with a two part polyurethane paint to provide corrosion resistance.

Beam structures

Ranco has a proven track record of designing and building heavy beam structures for overhead tank supports. Our structures utilize beams up to W24 x 104 (24 inch wide flange and 104 pounds per linear foot).

You can be sure that our beam structures are designed to support enough weight.

Support towers

Many different size towers are available for support purposes. From 2’ x 4’ towers up to 18’ x 20’ and beyond are designed and ready for your application. We often support our bucket elevators using our square towers. Stairs and full platforms are available on tower structures as well.

Support Towers

Truss Spans

Ranco has designed a superior truss system to provide the support necessary for overhead conveyor and catwalk spans. Each side rail truss is 4 ½’ tall and constructed of 3 ½” x ¼” square tube for the top and bottom longitudinal rails with 2” x 1/8” square tube diagonal rails. The end posts are 4” x 3/8” angle iron. The side rails act as both trusses and hand rail.

5” toeboards and 24” wide catwalk are included in the truss system. Widths vary by application but range from 48” wide to 96” wide. Spans of up to 100’ are possible depending on the circumstances. A King Post design is also available if applicable.