Lower Columbia Basin

Lower Columbia Basin — Umatilla, OR

We installed a new Ranco DW Blender at our Umatilla OR location in the Fall of ’09 and it has worked flawlessly since the first time we used it. The Ranco crew that installed the new blender did the work quickly and with great skill. They showed up with everything they needed to do the job and easily hit their deadline. The blender worked perfect at the first startup.

The speed and accuracy of the DW Blender is amazing, we have sped up the daily load totals by hitting the amount we want in every truck load and not having to “check weigh” the truck before starting the next truck. The new DW Blender has also helped our inventory control considerably by loading accurate amounts of each product in the blend.

I am very pleased with the service I get from Ranco, all of their employees are very knowledgeable about their products and they produce a very good blender.

Jim Pittam
Area Operation Manager
Lower Columbia Basin
Umatilla Oregon

System Specifications

Receiving System

  • Drag chain receiving conveyor
  • 120 TPH receiving bucket elevator
  • Overbin conveyor with tripper

Blend System Specs

  • Eleven bin Declining Weigh Series II blender installed in 2009
  • Three micro-additive bins
  • Liquid impregnation system
  • Direct load-out hopper
  • 96’ of blend auger
  • 200 TPH load-out bucket elevator

** Previously owned a 12 bin volumetric system. 6-bin was installed in 1978 and another 6 in 1992.